Early Childhood Education

Our full day program focuses on the whole child by supporting the development of oral language, social/emotional skills as well as their physical needs.


Literacy focus: Our full day program focuses on reader as a whole with emphasis on fluency, comprehension and critical thinking.

Math focus: Our major focus in math is to focus on number sense in relation to computation, comprehension and the world around them.

First Grade

Literacy focus: First graders will learn to become life-long readers and writers by retelling stories and find evidence in text to base their opinions.

Math focus: First graders will manipulate numbers in many different settings along with computation.

Social Studies focus: First graders will develop a sense of community and understand their contribution to a larger community.

Second Grade

Literacy focus: In second grade we will be learning how to read and write nonfiction texts including how-to, research, and opinion pieces. We will be learning to read and write stories with a beginning, middle, and end.

Math focus: We will be focusing on adding and subtracting two-and three-digit numbers in real life situations and on understanding place value.

Social Studies focus: We learn how people shape communities and resolve conflicts.

Third Grade

Literacy focus: In third grade we will focus on strategies to support comprehension of grade-level texts. Students will research and write about various topics.

Math focus: In third grade students should master their multiplication facts, understand fractions and build upon their knowledge of place value including decimals.

Fourth Grade

Literacy focus: In 4th grade, our main focus is to strengthen the students’ literacy skills and comprehension with non-fiction texts. We do this through research, informational writing, and technology.

Math focus: In 4th grade we encourage students to think and talk like mathematicians by connecting math concepts with real world relevance in order to strengthen understanding of place value, numbers and operations, fractions, geometry and measurement.

Fifth Grade

Literacy focus: In 5th grade we will focus on informational reading and essay writing through rigorous research in texts and technology use. We will also learn about fictional texts and narrative writing, as well as poetry analysis and writing.

Math focus: In 5th grade we will focus on adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals. We will also learn long division, and lots of awesome things about fractions.

PE Focus

Students will be exposed to a variety of activities in order to sustain a physically active life style.

Library/Technology Focus

The overall focus of the library is to foster the love of learning through a variety of reading interests and to promote using technology effectively and independently. Teachers and librarian will work collaboratively to provide a seamless program that promotes critical thinking skills.

Art focus

The overall focus of art is to be able to visually and academically express oneself through the creative process. Students will be able to accomplish an appreciation for art by actively participating in the creation of original art pieces as well as allowing students to develop an appreciation for art in their everyday life.

Music focus

At Kaiser Elementary, our music goal is to follow the district and state music standards for each grade level. We provide an opportunity for each student to create, explore and learn about music. Each year builds upon the previous year and students have the opportunity to explore both music and movement during music class.

Multi Intensive

Autism Focus: In the MI-A classrooms the major focus is to promote socialization amongst typical peers while advancing academic ability and independence

ELA focus

Our focus in English Language Acquisition class is to help students develop their academic language, as well as overall language skills in a way that aligns with what they’re doing in the classroom.

Mild Moderate focus

The major focus for the Mild Moderate Special Education program is to provide Special education services for students who have an IEP and to assist students who may need additional interventions. The pull-out program focuses on strategies in reading, writing and math in order for students to be able to meet their academic goals. The mild-moderate program also supports students who require social-emotional interventions.