PTO is an organization that is made up of parents and teachers.  We discuss the needs of the school and how to support those needs.  This year PTO has tried to fund raise and build community support.  Next year the focus will be to have smaller committees that will spearhead events at the school as well a committee that will focus strictly on fundraisers that will draw in more financial support for technology.

PTO meets the second Wednesday of every month.

PTO Meeting Notes (April 10)

  • Gallery night-PTO will sell refreshments
  • Field day-PTO will sell concessions.
  • Will buy a new site license to show movies.  We will be purchasing a Disney license so that we will be able to show Disney movies at school and also for movie nights.
  • We will financially  support the purchase of trees for the front of the school building
  • We discussed using the money earned to give each teacher in the building a small stipend to help differ the cost of school supplies in the fall.
  • We also started a new program to support teachers with parent volunteers for the remainder of the year.
  • We have also discussed having a silent auction to support the technology needs in the building.
  • We will continue to have small events at the school to support parental involvement.

We do not have any other PTO meetings scheduled this year.